T-Mobile App Recensioni

Love it

So good

Not compatible

I have an older phone an an older version of the app on my phone and it won't let me update the app. Which makes having the app on my phone pointless


Muy Practica y Facil

This app is terrible

The app was way more functional before the latest update and change of look. Now it just literally doesn’t work for me.

App doesn’t load. Remains blank

Title says it all. The app is useless

Deceptive but not clever

We’ve had Tmobile since 03-04 no issues UNTIL NOW!! These T-Mobile customer service reps talk you in circles they transfer you to every department after an hour you finally reach the jackass who straight up BLAMES EVERY PROBLEM ON YOU NEVER ACCEPTING ANY RESPONSIBILITY, T-Mobile has no problem with this type of backwards unethical business practice mainly due to the customer having absolutely no legal recourse but arbitration there are other ways to seek retribution however not legal but certainly an option. Funny how people think because something is not legal well then it can’t happen..

My phone

I have little problem being a T-Mobile customer everything is right here on the apps don’t have to get in the hassle of going in store unless I want to thanks T-Mobile


Best service I’ve had so far


I’ve only had T-Mobile for a day n I’m a bit disappointed sending multimedia messages are slow or they don’t even send At all

It’s ok service

I live in Prosser Washington I have very good service in my town. When my wife and I have Aarons to run to Grandview Washington we have no service whatsoever or Sunnyside Washington no service or Mabton Washington these are the three towns I get no service at all. It’s not good having T-Mobile and living in a little town there is not that much towers when we go to Tri-Cities Washington we have great service because it’s a bigger town. When we come back to our little towns were back to no service so I recommend if you live in a big town T-Mobile is for you and if you live in the little town chances you having good service not good

Great Value For Seniors

Love the price we have for 55+.


Always happy with the service at Ala Moana Mall.

App and website does not open or work at least the Billing page

Billing page has had the same message for 2 months “Hang tight the page is temporarily unavailable. Our team is working to fix the problem. You can still pay your bill” but you can’t view it????

Satisfied Costomer

Greatest Phone Company Of All Time #Goat🙏🏽

Love it

I actually love T-mobile better then sprint I’ve had bad experiences with sprint but T-mobile has been having good deals and love there customer service they fix any issue possible. Love that with my iPhone Xs and AirPods my bill isnt high at all. So I would recommend it guys

App doesn’t load

This is a review not for their service but for the actual app which is what the Apple Store is for. The app doesn’t work. It doesn’t load. There’s just a blank screen and nothingness. Ever since the app update, my iPhone 6s doesn’t load the app. I’ve messaged them repeatedly to fix a bug that renders the app useless and still nothing. If there was a 0 star option for the app I’d give it.

Great in some areas

Great and super fast in many areas, however I am noticing more and more spots around my home in Cape May County where my phone will say “no service”, despite a T-Mobile store in Rio Grande. Verizon never showed me a “no service” in this area. I’ll give it some more time

Problemas para acceder en la aplicación

Es un problema q vengo teniendo hace casi un mes desde la ultima actualización no me deja entrar mediante la app para hacer nada me dice q lo sienten y que están en mantenimiento y yo me pregunto hasta cuando es el dichoso mantenimiento ? Lamentablemente por eso les doy esta calificación


Excellent !!!



1 star

I gave t mobile one star in overall network performance service on my iPhone 8. It is the slowest and unconventional phone services I ever had. To have one of the best phone out there and to have a very poor connection ever time is unreliable.

Love it



Tengo en el wifi en el teléfono a full trato de abrir la aplicación y no abre y cuando abre es demasiado lenta.


Reception around my current area has been limited. Any discounts on Samsung phones in the near future for veterans? 😎

Poor poor service

Calls dropped — text messages come through 5 hours later or days later — automated system does not work worth dam — I am sooooo sick of this service —it’s trash—

App is DOA

I downloaded this hoping to deal with account details and add a line, things that the website was not doing well. Much to my chagrin, every screen in this app is blank. I just see the chrome to navigate around, but no information is shown anywhere. Brilliant! 🙄

App doesn’t work

My app doesn’t work at all I deleted and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work

Doesbit even work to anyone

I think it doesn’t work at all. Always like hanging!!


I’ve got my new iPhone and it’s not very good connection with a gps

T Mobil is slipping hard

I was a Verizon customer for a couple of years before I switched to T-Mobile after I got fed up with being overcharged by Verizon. The cell service with T-mobile was significantly worse but I didn’t care because the customer service and my monthly bill was so much lower. I’ve stayed with T-mobile for a couple of years now and would have continued to stay but when it was time for me to upgrade my phone and I went into the store near Tuttle Crossing, both of the sales representatives were horrible. They were not knowledgeable and did the bare minimum when it came to helping me pick out another phone. When I picked out the iPhone X, they wanted me to put 300 down even with their package with monthly installments for the phone. I have a 750 credit score and that’s the least they would do, and that was only if I bought two other items with it like a speaker and something else. I could tell the girl was just going through the motions and most of the time she stopped to drink her Starbucks right in front of me and she just chatted with her other coworker that was doing nothing. I also tried to trade in my old iPhone that had a crack in it and they wouldn’t take it because of the crack. I felt like everything that had kept me at T-Mobil was gone so I walked out of the store without buying anything and went to Verizon the next day. I got the brand new iPhone X for 0 down, all I had to pay was taxes and it came with a screen protector and a case. Oh, and they took my old iPhone that had the crack in it and just payed me less for it. My monthly bill is now the same as it was when I was with T-Mobil, and I get service EVERYWHERE. I have a second line with T-Mobil and they have made it absolutely impossible to cancel it. I’ve walked into the store and been told I had to call, then when I called I flat out said I wanted to cancel my line and the associate wouldn’t do it. He kept telling me canceling didn’t make sense. These people have become completely unprofessional and money hungry and their cell service isn’t worth it. Verizon has completely shaped up after having lost all of its customers due to over charging and they are the best network again. Do yourself a favor and switch back over to the best network.

Good services.

T-Mobile truly is a friendly company which helps and understands people’s needs. This is something that most celular providers actually don’t keep in mine.


App is very helpful

Big flaw with the app when roaming internationally

The app is great, the company is great, however, when you’re roaming internationally and want to obtain a $5 data pass to get access to full speed, you cannot. This is because of a flaw in the app design - essentially it loads the “upgrade page” as a regular html page - which by default is restricted by the international roaming speeds, so it just doesn’t load at all or takes 15 minutes or more. In other words - you’re stuck! Why not just use the app to pay for the upgrade natively? Makes no sense.



Should’ve never left....😒

I left the luxury of T-Mobile service for some reason that I no longer remember. I went with Sprint. Big mistake. HUGE. I’ll keep it short and just say I came crawling back to T-Mobile after 4 months of absolutely horrible service and worse than that, was the customer service. I’m so glad to be back!!!

Great app and customer service!

The app has been very useful for payments and other information regarding my account. Customer service outside of the app has also been an amazing experience. I’ve been with T-Mobile going on 3 years and have yet to have a bad experience.

Like the service not the app

I like t-mobile but this new update was completely unnecessary, it’s more complicated to use!

App issue

App is not working.

Great service provider

Awesome service providers always have reception always have Internet just to grill company. Great payment options just All-around great company

App Not Functioning

T-Mobile as a carrier is nice. The unlimited data plan is very good for my heavy web use, and little calling. The network has gaps sometimes, but it isn’t bad. The App has been unusable for me for months. It logs me in and has basic buttons, none of which do anything. I cannot recommend an app that does not do anything.

Customer service chat nonfunctional

For several months customer service chat hasn't worked. The main functionality doesn't work so the app is pointless

Debbie R

Pro- I’ve had other cellphone companies that I’ve been a part of and none have ever been as reasonable with their service as T-Mobile. Yes, there’s areas that I sometimes lose service but in all honesty that can happen with any phone company. So I chose to have a cheaper bill. Con- I wish that they didn’t charge so much extra to have additional phone lines for your kids. Right now I’m paying an additional $40 for a kid line.

Problema con el wifi call

Siempre tengo que restablecer la seña, cuando salgo de mi hogar que utilizo la señal de mi hogar. Cuando salgo no sirve el teléfono hasta que lo restablezco, y al llegar a mi casa tengo que colocar la contraseña nuevamente. Me tiene loco.

Great service

Best thing since slice bread we get service in the city, beaches and mountains.

Low range, good internet, high cost

$60 /mo is too much when compared to other providers who gives all these for $30 If there is no range , no point in using a phone

Excited to see T Mobile logo in Berlin

Great service while traveling to Berlin Germany a couple of weeks ago!!

Customer service

Customer service is not that reliable, they lie a lot , even the loyalty department. Frustrating the way they handle situations! Phone calls drops a lot! The voice quality is not great

Smart Choice

After being with AT&T, Verizon and Cricket, we finally gave T-Mobile a try; we now love it. The right carrier with the right price, technology and service; we feel we made a very smart decision switching to T-Mobile. Keep the good work.

The app is dead. There is no app.

I recently returned to the US after living abroad, and needed a new phone. We had T-Mobile before we left, so it made sense to come back to them. But in the month since we got new service, the app had not worked. At all. “Sorry were not ready for you yet. We’re working on improving your app experience.” For a solid month. Hey, I’d be happy with a working app... that would definitely be an improvement.

Just joint T-Mobile and can’t open app

Almost two months in and app ‘is not ready‘ for me. As if I didn’t matter to T-Mobile as a costumer. I’m being ignored and left out. Very sad :(

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