T-Mobile 应用的评论


Blank Account Information

This has broken for many weeks for me. My account info screen is blank. Have you tested the app when multiple accounts are linked to a login?


Customer service great

Mala señal

La señal es pésima en Katy y no han buscado la manera de mejorar ese servicio !

T-Mobile is the best!!

Always loved T-Mobile and probably will be with them forever!! Best overall and best data plan in the world!!

Constant updates loses login information

T-Mobile keeps updating the app and deleting login information. Big pain point here

Not doing great

The app is fine ig but I tried to switch from T-Mobile to sprint and they gave us the wrong account number. Not close enough to understand but a completely different account number. It took us over 2 days to finally switch. Annoyed

Great service

Changed service from Verizon to t mobile. Love paying less and getting great service. 👍


All the people that work at the T-Mobile store in my neighborhood and Penn Avenue in Bloomington of men just extraordinary thanks for all of your help and patience

The internet is very bad

The internet is very bad In 2150 S state college blvd Anaheim

Terrible App. Not user friendly!

I can never see the information regarding my equipment balance. Literally, never. Frustrating!

Siempre la misma excusa!

Cuando quieren vender un teléfono te dicen mil maravillas, una vez el teléfono o accesorio tenga problemas, T-Mobile se convierte en una pesadilla. Soy un cliente de T-Mobile desde el año 2003 y ahora veo un servicio y políticas deplorables. Tengo un iPhone 8 Plus que tiene muchos problemas de conexión a la red y nunca después de 9 meses lo pueden arreglar, me mandan a Apple care y ellos me mandan con T-Mobile y así me tienen desde hace 9 meses. El mismo problema pasó con un Apple Watch, a los dos días de comprarlo el reloj no prendió más, ni Apple o T-Mobile lo quisieron cambiar. Estuve más de 2 horas en la línea y la respuesta es: el sistema no me permite cambiarlo. Tiene que ir a apple care, T-Mobile solo ofrece el servicio pero no se responsabiliza por cambios de aparatos. Estoy decepcionado de esta compañía y hasta aquí llegué con ellos.

The Best!

The best of the cellular carriers hands down in all areas is T-Mobile!

Teresa-56678 AMAZING

I have been with T-Mobile for years and years and I have never had better service anywhere. Any issue I have have they are quick to fix it. If I ever feel over charged or anything they never question me. Customer service is outstanding!! I was just on the phone with Teresa 56678, she was fast and fun. Provided incredible and speedy customer service! She needs a raise and a promotion. Phenomenal!!

What I think about the service

I just started with T-Mobile a few days ago. I need more time to see if I’m satisfied. So far I don’t get service in my house. One bar only.

Why T Mobil!

Best Cellphone Customer Service in the Universe ! So good even Aliens use it!


I used to have Sprint switched to T-Mobile yesterday and couldn’t be happier the service is awesome and you speak to a real person on the customer service you only press 1 for a new customer and 2 for if you are a customer and wow a real person is on the line almost immediately unheard this day and time

App still broken

Love T-Mobile, but they upgraded up and it no longer works

Great Customer Service

Love the service - easy and friendly and great deals!


After going through many experiences with different carriers I finally found T-Mobile, the one to cover my needs by offering multiple options. Staff is friendly and efficient! Thank you 😊


Nothing ever loads in this app

North idaho is the fastest growing area in the United States

North Idaho is the fastest growing area and we have horrible service here! But customer service is always good and my billing is good!

Can’t pay bill or review bill

Since I’ve downloaded this application I’ve never been able to even see or pay my bill. When I click on every tab on the app there is a white space with no text or illustration. I’ve even waited to see if it would load but nothing happened I have to use my web browser.

App is glitchy

I used this app before and had no issues until today. The app has a nice look and feel and all your account information is easily accessible. I went to add a different credit card and the app kept saying the card number was incorrect. I noticed that the app wasn't automatically adding the dashes after every four of the card digits like the T-Mobile app does. I had to go to the TMo website to add the new card. I just uninstalled the app from my iPhone. I guess I'll be using the TMo website from now on.

Simply love

I love this company has giving me so much !

Good but can be better!

The only complaint i have with T-Mobile... Lack of coverage. Where the other providers have strong reliable service, T-Mobile falls short relatively often. I hope they get their coverage issues taken care of. The price and the perks are great.

T-mobile care for customers

Good spirits with t-mobile been company 8 or 9 years. T-mobile care customers and helpful and good service. I am proud be t-mobile customer.

Mr Smith

Great company they take care of me they really care

100% ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

TMobile is hands down THE BEST cell phone company out there. Their customer service can not be beat! I brag on my TMobile every chance I get. They have served me and family well for 10 years!

T- Mobile

Best phone company ever.

Excelente servicio



I have three line with so bad service


T-Mobile has been great to us I love T-Mobile my bill always remain the same no extra charges and they always have deals with great prices thank You T-Mobile!!!!!

Happy customer here!

Since we move Tmobile so far so good, me and my husband no complaints here! Love your customer service too!

T-Mobile service


Love My Moble

Best customer service!!!

TMobile Phone Service

Consistent innovation and improvements 👍🏽👌🏽

App still doesn’t work

App states Primary Account Holder is missing! I have called in on multiple occasions and reps have verified that primary account holder is set! I have deleted, installeded, shut off phone and restarted...etc. to no change. The app worked before this new version with the new interface! This app is useless garbage now! Please fix!!!! Called on Multiple occasions and the problem was passed down to the engineers and still not fixed! Get it together!

Terrible for (Pay As You Go)

This app does not work for Pay-As-You-Go data service for iPads. When you try to sign up, the final step has you fill in your iPads cell data number. T-Mobile has you enter this number and then says that they they will send you a text to this number to finish the sign up process. But!!, You cannot receive a text through your data number on an iPad. What do I do now???? I have no way of checking how many data mins are left until it literally runs out! Not good. T-Mobile-please fix this or I’ll find another service. I’m frustrated.


Customer service and sales rep was the best!

What’s going on

Why is the app not working soon as I try and log in it goes black

Billing and account permissions is broken

Haven’t been able to set my primary account hold online or through the app for months. I set an account pin months ago, but they just asked me to set a new one as if I’d never set one before. Pretty bad

Don’t be fooled by they’re promises.

Sprint will promise you the world, lie to you tell you what you want to hear, and then bury you with fees, surprise charges, and empty promises! After paying enough to buy a new vehicle, I finally left Sprint after 30 years of dedicated loyalty. My experience with T-Mobile was awesome customer service by Ken in the Griffin, GA office. He not only was patient, kind, and knowledgeable at his job, but listened to my needs, without trying just to make a dollar. T-Mobile will go farther with me in customer service, and keeping down my bill, than just trying to fill their pockets with greed! Is it more important to be the biggest with more customers, or with more customers that are loyal for a longer time!! Thanks T mobile I look forward to a great relationship with you!

tmobile app

can even access my tmobile account

Suggestion to make better

What you guys should work on for the next update is to allow more than one card to be saved to the payment options. Other apps and websites do it so you should be able to easily do it. That would make this app total user friendly.

Super network and best mobile service


App isn't working

T-Mobile upgraded the app and now isn't working. I'm trying refill my account and the app isn't loading in the refill page. I really prefer how was a few months ago, because was simple, fast and worked very well. Now I'll need to go to store. 😣👎


Their app is as stupid as it has been. I’ve been a T-Mobile user for the past 4 years. This is the third time that I have downloaded their app and deleted immediately. I don’t know why they want to have it while they don’t want to fix the stupid app.


Amazing also

App isn’t working

THIS APP IS SO USELESS IT DOES NOT WORK. Nothing loads whenever I select anything from the menu. Fix this, what’s the point of even having the app if you can’t even use its features ?


Helpful and convenient

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