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"Great service, great phones. Impressed with the innovated TMO network." - Kerri AK

Huge fan!

Great app, great service.


Great customer service, any issues are resolved promptly and efficiently. There are times where my signal is lost in "dead spots" or in rural areas but my signal usually returns within seconds. However, there are times my internet connection is faster when I turn off wifi and strictly use LTE! So Id say even if a little is taken, a lot is given! Im pleased with the level of customer service I receive with any T-Mobile interaction and am pleased with the service I receive for the money I pay.

I loved it

I love tmobile . Without writing a review we cannon hit send button iam writing this one . Update the Tmobile app guys there are many bugs .Thankyou

Fast & Reliable

Fast and reliable. Great customer service.

Amazing shift

Amazing app for an amazingly renovated company. AT&T and Verizon should be concerned. I alone just moved 5 lines over, I imagine there is a very large migration happening.

God bless t-mobile

Hello T-mobile so long Verizon. I parted ways with verizon after a nasty divorce that ended after a long line of offences, last being a 490 dollar bill for Jan 2017 that included bogus call at 2 dollar a minute with Germany. Mind you I have been calling on Keep calling app internationally for 17 years at now under a cent a minute. T-mobile is hip, cool relevant and in line with prices in europe. God bless T mobile for shakibg up the competition and monopoly on high cell prices.

I love T mobile

T mobile makes me feel very comfortable and I love how they make tests on my phone because it sees if there are improvements and when it comes to data its awesome I just love it so much

exceptional service.


Easy management of my account


Always best deals

Best phone carrier

Great service

Almost perfect if you live near area

Great speed. Simple, consistent bills. Everything is unlimited (if you pick the right plan). Great for heavy users. Roaming could be better. Im supposed to get internet everywhere I go but in some countries (e.g. India) you only get 3G (local carriers support 4G LTE).

Thanks its great

Yes Yes Yes!!!

Awesome app ever!!!


User friendly

Best Company & APP

Been with T-Mobile for years and they have never failed me and this app its just amazing I can check everything I need through the app every company should learn from T-Mobile.

The app is great

I like the bill summary option can get service any where I travel to even overseas its great. Im glad I switch over from sprint, T-mobile has better customer service


Excellent customer service!! I love my I phone 7 and T mobile makes the enjoyment of using my phone a pleasure. I watch movies and never loose connection, nor has my internet speed slowed down. Hats off T Mobile your the BEST!!!


I love dealing with t-mobile! They have the best offer as far as binge on! Who doesnt want to binge on? Its great for people lie who have family members who loves Netflix and dont want to pay extra on data. WINNING!!!

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