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My wife and I switched to T Mobile because of their coverage and were not disappointed. Customer service has always been 5 star regardless of it being over the phone or in store. We absolutely love the internet spends because were always streaming shows and movies.


T-Mobile has been true to their words, I feel they honor me as a customer by providing the best rate plan out there. I have 6 on my plan now and my rates are very fair. Thank you. T-Mobile

So Far, So Good!

Recently switched from Verizon after 4 years with them and so far so good. It is nice not having to worry so much about data usage, signal is just as good and I literally cut my phone bill in half.

Good service good price best around


Its a decent app except for the fact that every time I open it I get a notification the requires me to turn my wifi off and allow the app to access my data. Every. Single. Time. So if Im in an area where I dont have data coverage - and thats the reason Im on wifi - Im unable to use the app until I get to an area with data. Beyond annoying and counterproductive.


The App was just acquired launched it & its stuck on a screen with the logo on the top

Biometric login would be nice

I just switched to T-Mobile from a carrier that had biometric login for the app. This would be a great addition to the T-Mobile app.

Never once

Never once did I have this app work. Turning off my Wi-Fi to get into an app who came up with that stupid idea? Nonetheless Ive tried eight or nine times without success. No more.

Doesnt work.

Continually shows no data usage and no days left in billing period. Chat agents are no help.

Applepay functionality for bill payment

I would love it if the app had applepay as a payment option. It would make it much easier to pay my bill and I wouldnt have to enter my credit card information.

Buggy and always logs you out

This app cant remember who I am for 2 weeks. Always logs me out and I have to turn off wifi to re-auth. Traveling abroad forget it, just starts crashing on startup and have to uninstall re-install. Not to mention T-Mobile reception in San Francisco is terrible, the uncarrier indeed!

Loopholes- Leasing phone

Dont get a T-Mobile phone lease, your force to keep their service. I tried to discontinue my prepaid and they said I cant , dont believe their "Pay as you go, bull"

Pretty Good

Love it!

Dont Use This

Cant view bill, you only get a summary not a detailed bill. It makes you cut off your wifi to use it. I find that quite "peculiar" since they are always trying to get their customers to increase their data at a higher rate. Then when I go to give feedback (through the application) the link doesnt work. I understand business but Im not very fond of marketing schemes and recurring payment "traps" when Im voluntarily paying my money. Ive been a customer for 10yrs and I remember when T-Mobile was set apart from the other carriers in a good way. Those days are gone.

More for Less

I really love T-Mobile! Ive been with my carrier for almost 3 years and theyve always been very helpful. Their representatives on the phone are great they epitomize customer service.THANK YOU!

In love ❤️

Over love T-Mobile especially T-Mobile Tuesdays


Best Company Ever

Just awesome!!!!!

I have been with T-mobile for years!!! The good and the bad..... And I am so ecstatic to finally see them leading the industry!!!! So happy to be a loyal customer!!!!!

Love it

Great company

Was Gonna Be 4 Stars but...

The app went haywire today as I tried paying the bill. What normally takes a few minutes turned into a half hour ordeal... blech

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